Three blockades cut off Santa Cruz from the West

Three blockades cut off Santa Cruz from the West

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At least three blockades cut off the department of Santa Cruz from the west of the country; The measures are assumed for different demands such as protests against mining exploitation, a road in poor condition and for a femicide.

For three days the entrances and exits to and from Santa Cruz have been cut off and this Thursday circulation on the new and old highway remains blocked.

The first point was installed on the old route that connects with Cochabamba, near the town of Santa Martha, where the residents of El Torno demand that the Ministry of Mining, the Ministry of the Environment and Water, and the Mining Administrative Jurisdictional Authority (AJAM) annul the contracts for the exploitation of limestone, which was authorized for the Fará company.

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The locals affirm that this type of operation will contaminate the environment and the water springs that exist in the place and serve for the consumption of the inhabitants, animals and the irrigation of the crops in the area.

The mayor of El Torno, Hediberto Cuéllar, warned that the measure is indefinite, since this demand dates from January, but the national authorities ignore it.

On the same highway, near the valleys, residents of Los Negros set up a blockade to demand that a trial against an alleged femicide begin. The case has to do with the murder of Erika Condori.

Although the main accused was apprehended, until now the trial has not started, so the residents of that sector decided to go out to blockade.

Land promontories were placed on the road, several people were forced to walk through the place to reach their destination, reported Unitel.

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The third blockade point was installed on the new highway to Cochabamba, where residents of Santa Fe, in the vicinity of the Yapacaní bridge, are protesting against the poor condition of a newly built highway that will be delivered on February 28. The measure has been complied with since yesterday, when hundreds of stopped vehicles were already seen.

The people of the area assure that the construction company did not comply with the instructions and is about to deliver a poorly done work, since before its inauguration it had potholes, for which they demand that the Minister of Public Works, Édgar Montaño, must take charge .

Departures from the Santa Cruz Bimodal Terminal have been suspended since yesterday, passengers are affected because they cannot go to Cochabamba, La Paz, Oruro, Sucre or Potosí.

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