"This is not a circus! My daughter is dead!"

“This is not a circus! My daughter is dead!”

Monterey, NL. The father of the young Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldúa, 18, who appeared lifeless inside a cistern in Escobedo, New LionHe said that citizens are fed up with this insecurity and that it affects their daughters. And he clarified that the interviews she has given are not a circus, because her daughter is killed by incompetent people and people who sexually harass minors.

“Many people told me that this was a circus; This is not a circus, my daughter is dead,” Mario Escobar told the press.

He said that he is very upset with the prosecutor Rodolfo Salinas, who was in charge of the case, because he asked him and his wife this Thursday, April 21, to accompany him to give them information, and he took them to the Nueva Castilla Motel, located in the highway to Nuevo Laredo, where he informed them that they had found the body of a woman.

It is worth mentioning that for 13 days, Debanhi’s family, accompanied by judicial authorities, and neighbors, searched intensely in that area and found no trace of the young woman, for which they fear that her body has been put in the cistern.

Mario Escobar questioned the prosecutor: “Four times have they searched this place and why does (the body) appear the fifth time? I ask, how did it get there? to the cistern, “it can’t be because I would have had to climb a fence,” he explained.

On the prosecution’s thesis that the young woman could have entered the Motel to seek help and slipped, Debanhi’s father cut short: “It’s a lie, it’s totally a lie, they have to go to the last consequences, this is a danger zone . My daughter was deprived of her liberty, ”he asserted.

He commented that the Prosecutor’s Office was very hermetic and until two days ago they showed him a video, where the taxi driver Juan David Cuéllar allegedly touched Debanhi improperly, and she got out of the taxi.

Prosecutor Rodolfo Salinas told Mario Escobar that the taxi driver was not arrested because there was no crime to pursue. This happened in front of those responsible for the state and federal Search Commission.

It is worth mentioning that on April 7, María Fernanda Contreras was found dead in the municipality of Apodaca. Her parents pointed out that from the first day the 26-year-old girl disappeared, they informed the authorities of the last GPS location, however, they found her in this place five days later.

human fault

The press questioned the state Secretary of Public Security, Aldo Fasci Zuazua, about the ruling of the State Attorney General’s Office, who had reviewed the Motel several times and said that they had found no trace of Debanhi, to which he replied: “It’s a massive human error, they were there four times and found nothing, it is not the first time that it happens in the searches, all over the world”.

On April 7, the governor of Nuevo León announced several coordinated actions with judicial authorities to speed up the search for more than 20 young people who have disappeared in Nuevo León.

This afternoon, entire families marched along Avenida Morones Prieto, on one side of the Santa Catarina River, towards the Government Palace, in solidarity with the families of the young women who disappeared and have not been located, as is the case of Yolanda Martínez. Cadena, who left to look for work and never returned, however, her father has not been able to arouse media interest and is desperately looking for his daughter.

The slogans that some women shout are: “It was not an accident, it was femicide.” “We are not alone, we are missing Debanhi, we are missing Mary Fer, we are missing Gabriela, we are missing Yolanda.”

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