This is how the Payment Parking Zone application works in Bogotá

This is how the Payment Parking Zone application works in Bogotá

The application of Paid Parking Area It is now ready to be downloaded to Android and iOS cell phones.

This tool will be used by the citizens of Bogotá who park on public roads and in it they can select the parking section and make the payment electronically.

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The app also allows you to record several vehicles from the same user account and provides the facility to pay from anywhere for the extension of the parking time.

Currently, 98.7% of the payments have been made in cash with the facilitators and 1.3% through the Payment Parking Area – Citizen application.

“Since we started charging in the Payment Parking Zone, on November 22, 2021, more than 35,000 users have used the system, of which 98.7% have made the payment in cash and 1.3% through the App; By the end of 2022, we estimate that this figure will reach 5%. The idea is that more and more users become familiar with the Parking Payment Zone – Citizen application and through this tool they can manage their parking and payment themselves,” says Ana María Zambrano Duque, Manager of the Bogotá Transport Terminal. .

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The only authorized means to make the payment are the App and in cash, through duly identified facilitators.

Transport terminal

This is an application that only requires a mobile device (Android or iOS) and internet connection. The user must enter the Google Store or App Store, download the application Parking Zone Payment – Citizen, check in and start using it.

The only authorized means to pay for parking are the app and in cash, through the facilitators duly identified with a card and uniformed with a blue jacket and cap that have the logo of the Paid Parking Zone embroidered. The charge applies only to Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Payment is made in fractions of 30 minutes and in advance. The rate varies according to the time spent in the parking lot and the type of vehicle. In this way, the cars will pay a rate of $3,000 per fraction of 30 minutes, if your parking time does not exceed 2 hours. If it exceeds 2 hours, they will pay $4,600 for a fraction of 30 minutes.

In the case of motorcycles, the rate is $2,100 for a fraction of 30 minutes, if the parking time does not exceed 2 hours. If it exceeds 2 hours, the rate is $3,200 per fraction of 30 minutes.

Through the App you can also make the payment for the uninstallation of the stocks in case of this situation. The removal of the stocks has a cost of $90,000 for cars and $63,000 for motorcycles.

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Currently, the service is operating in the sector of North Chico, town of Chapinero, between 76th and 94th streets and between the North highway and Carrera 11. The second implementation area will extend the Pago Parking Zone from Calle 72 to 100, between Carrera 7ª and Autopista Norte.

The Transportation Terminal foresees the implementation of a total of 17 areas by 2023, of which 12 will be launched in 2022, reaching locations such as Usaquén, Barrios Unidos, Santa Fe, La Candelaria, Teusaquillo, Los Mártires, Puente Aranda , Fontibón and Engativa.

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