Third dose: when to put it if I had COVID-19

Third dose: when to put it if I had COVID-19

People who are infected with COVID-19 acquire antibodies to the disease, so it is recommended to delay the application of doses

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) reduced the placement of the booster dose (third dose) of the vaccine against COVID-19 for vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and people between 50 and 59 years old. While for the other ages there are other deadlines.

But what if you have or have just overcome the disease. Is it possible to receive the vaccine? Well, here we explain it to you.

Isolation period

If you confirm that you have COVID-19, you must complete the isolation time necessary to avoid transmitting the disease: from five to 15 days depending on the medical recommendation.

Disease antibodies

When a person has had the coronavirus in your body, you acquire a natural immunity from disease (antibodies) that can last between four and six months. This is the period of time in which you can delay receiving the doses, as the body is naturally protected and it is advisable to put the vaccine when the level of antibodies has been reduced.

If you get vaccinated when you have the disease, you would not know if the symptoms are the result of the infection or the vaccine, which would delay the diagnosis for you to stop isolation.

I ran out of time for the third dose

If you passed the coronavirus or it has been more than six months since you got the second dose, don’t worry, they can go to receive the booster shot. Although it is recommended to do it within the established deadlines, it is never too late to get immunized. (AVV)

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