EL DEBER accedió a la declaración del padre de Juan José Dorado

They will summon lawyer Chavarría again and look for drug remains in Dorado’s car

July 21, 2022, 11:10 PM

July 21, 2022, 11:10 PM

The commission of prosecutors that investigates the disappearance of Juan José Dorado, ex-son-in-law of Angélica Sosa, will summon again the lawyer Jorge Chavarría Hoyos, because found contradictions in the first statement who gave on Tuesday.

In his testimony, as a witness, he denied knowing Sosa’s ex-son-in-law and did not give any clues as to his whereabouts, Well, he argued that he only had contact with his father and one of his brothers.

However, Gary Dorado, father of Juan José, told the Prosecutor’s Office that Chavarría was the one who called him to inform him of the death of his son plus, It was the person who told him that he would bring the body from Paraguay.

“(The lawyer) will be summoned again, since new elements have come out, which due to responsibility They cannot be said at this time so as not to truncate the investigation. Further investigations and interviews will be carried out with people who know Dorado,” said prosecutor Windsor Ortiz.

Among the new elements mentioned by the prosecutor is the expansion of Gary Dorado’s statement, who hinted that the owner of the Cessna 206 plane with license plate CP-3172, in which Juan José traveled, it could be the lawyer Jorge Chavarríathe same one who said he was hired to inform him of his son’s death.

“Upon knowing the name of the owner of the plane (Luis Cuéllar), I asked Mr. Pablo N. (manager of the CIA 101 Pilot School) who he was and he told me that he rents the hangar to store his planes and he gave me his cell phone number that was noted in his contract records. when i called that number I see that it is the same as the lawyer Jorge Chavarría Hoyos, who informed me of the death of my son. I asked him why he had Mr. Luis Cuéllar’s cell phone and he told me that he didn’t know anything and that it was surely a mix-up, ”said the parent in his statement.

Analysis of the Dorado vehicle continues

During the survey of the gray car with license plate 4995-TTX a backpack, a jacket and a mobile device were found, that presumably belongs to Juan José. This cell phone was seized and will be subjected to another expert report by the members of the Institute of Technical-Scientific Research of the Police University (Iitcup).

The experts are waiting for authorization from the Prosecutor’s Office to check the cell phone. In addition, an investigation was later opened for drug trafficking, by prosecutor Carlos Candía, for which the vehicle will be micro-vacuumed to determine if it was used to transport controlled substances.

The gray Toyota car was found Monday by Diprove agents in the Cambodromo area, where it was left abandoned. The latest investigations indicate that the car is registered in the name of one of Juan José’s brothers.

According to records, on July 3 the vehicle loaded fuel at a pump in the southern part of the capital. July 7 Juan José Dorado would have used this car to go to the airport El Trompillo, from where he left in a small plane bound for the Cupesí property, through the region of San José de Chiquitos.

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