El presentador de televisión Efraín Ruales tenía 36 años cuando murió.

They will pay half a million dollars for the death of Efraín Ruales

Two of the material murderers of the television presenter, Efraín Ruales, were sentenced and must pay more than 1,000 minimum wages as reparation. What happens if they do not have the sum of money?

Alvaro Bolivar CA, alias ‘Alvarito’, together with Alexis Paul CV, aka ‘Cap’They must serve a sentence of 34 years and 8 months jail, as they were found guilty as perpetrators of the murder of Efraín Ruales, television presenter.

Both did not act alone. Carlos M.C. alias ‘Chello; Karla MM; Jorman VS; and, Juan Carlos RQ, on the other hand, received a sentence of 17 years with 4 months in prison.

Despite this, the mastermind has not been discovered.


The sentence for ‘Alvarito’ and ‘Casquete’ includes the payment of 1,333 basic salariesnamely: $566,525.

To that they add $200,000 additional, for each one as, integral reparation to the relatives of the victim.

For the other sentenced, the fine is 666 basic salaries: $233,050, to which is added a comprehensive repair of $100,000 to the family.

But all the people identified as guilty belong to low-income groups and even have criminal records, so their work history is minimal. That is why those sentenced could declare themselves in insolvencywhich makes it impossible for the authorities to make the collection.

Fines are imposed by judges based on income of the victim (Efraín Ruales).

Efraín Ruales fue asesinado mientras conducía, en Guayaquil, con al menos 10 
disparos, el 27 de enero de 2021.

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