They will install 37 watchtowers in La Joya and La Joyita, they should be ready in eight months

Thirty-seven (37) watchtowers, which will be built in the La Joya and La Joyita penitentiary centers, should be ready within eight months, informed the Minister of Government, Janaina Tewaney Mencomo, who accompanied by the general director of the Penitentiary System, Euclides Joel Castillo G., and members of the National Border Service, the National Aeronaval Service and the National Police broke ground on the project.

Tewaney Mencomo stressed that the purpose of these towers is to optimize perimeter security in these prisons and said that they will be equipped with their own bathroom, sink, toilet, biodigester tank for sanitary discharge, ceiling fan, electrical outlets, interior lighting , 360° view, surveillance lighting system (fixed reflector and mobile reflector) and the electrical system will have hybrid energy technology with the capacity to alternate between a photovoltaic solar source and the conventional source of the national electrical network.

With these towers, according to the general director of the Penitentiary System, in 2023 there will be a “strong” foot of force that will contribute to the security of the personnel of the Public Force, custodians, administrative personnel, those deprived of liberty and national security. .

He added that the project will be developed in two stages: the first, design and a second, construction where the necessary work will be carried out to obtain the 37 new watchtowers as a final product.

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