AN proposes financing for supplies derived from alternative energies

AN proposes financing for supplies derived from alternative energies

The Permanent Commission on Energy and Petroleum of the National Assembly (AN) will recommend to the National Executive to promote and promote, through public and private institutions, financing in the supply chain linked to the area of ​​renewable and alternative energies.

Deputy Ángel Rodríguez, president of the aforementioned parliamentary body, stressed that the recommendation will be presented directly to the Ministry of People’s Power for Electric Energy (Mppee), led by Néstor Reverol, who had the initiative to appoint a deputy ministry for that sector.

Rodríguez explained that the proposal seeks to guarantee financing for the sectors that have capacity in the area of ​​clean renewable energies for the provision of equipment, spare parts, supplies that allow having an industrial park linked to the area.

The parliamentarian indicated that the commission also proposes the creation of mechanisms that encourage self-consumption of clean energy. He said that the debate is taking into account the recommendations that emerged from the visit to the Paraguaná Wind Farm and the solar panel companies.

He stressed that all incentives and mechanisms must be discussed within the Energy and Petroleum Commission with the participation of the National Government and all sectors linked to the debate on the law. He added that 11 ministries, universities, scientific and technological centers, as well as private companies participate in the table.

They will also evaluate cases that have to do with establishments, such as shopping centers, that do not use clean energy. To these, he said, the electricity supply rate should be increased. The deputy added that they have other proposals related to incentives so that the service offered by the private sector to the National Electric System (SEN) is remunerated.

All these proposals are being analyzed by the members of the commission and will be presented to the Executive within the framework of the Renewable and Alternative Energy Bill that is under discussion.

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