"They wanted to kill me", Yeferson Cossio on aggression in equine event

"They wanted to kill me", Yeferson Cossio on aggression in equine event

Who follow Yeferson Cossio They have known for a long time that he has become known not only for his quirks and jokes, but also for his activism against animal abuse. Proof of this are the foundations it supports and the large number of dogs it has adopted.

This time, the young man made news on social networks again precisely with respect to his position on the treatment of animals, after attending an equine event in Cartagena in which he was attacked by many of the attendees of the event.

Discord occurred for the young man when through different videos he denounced alleged mistreatment of the horses that were part of the event. “I saw some sad horses, bouncing drool, walking in a way that, from my point of view, it is not natural for them to walk like that. Obviously they teach them, then they obviously suffered ”, Cossio told through his Instagram account.

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Yeferson Cossio was attacked in an equine event: “They wanted to kill me”

Minutes after having published these recordings, Yeferson assured that part of the public of the equine show began to boo him and shout expletives at him. Although he affirmed that he thought the situation was alien to him, he was able to admit that he was not well received at the place as soon as he perceived that a glass was thrown at him, for which he had to ask the police for help to leave the place.

“At first there were about 40 people and then there were about 100 against me, then one of my two escorts drew his weapon, because the danger was imminent, although he did not point it at anyone, he always had it towards the ground (… ) Mand they wanted to kill for giving my opinion ”, he assured.

Sample of what the young man said have been different videos that have been replicated in different social media accounts, where the displeasure of the attendees for the presence of Cossio in the place is evidenced.

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