They want the Nuclear Center to receive all the insured

They want the Nuclear Center to receive all the insured

Veronica Zapana S. / La Paz

The Government wants the Center for Nuclear Medicine to care for cancer patients from all managing entities. They work in an agreement for that purpose.

“The proposal (for an agreement) has already been submitted and we have requested that all the managing entities issue a technical report (since) as we know, this Nuclear Medicine Center belongs to the public system. (…) With this, and through the reference tickets of their doctors, the treatment can be done in this new space”, said the Deputy Minister of Health Insurance and Management of the Unified Health System, Alejandra Hidalgo, on the state channel .

He stressed that the agreement is currently being made with the health funds, since it has been seen that this service is necessary, since “none” of the managing entities of the country do not have this service and, therefore, they buy services from the private system. .

There are currently nine managing entities in the country: the National Health Fund, the Petroleum Health Fund, Road Insurance, Cordes, Cossmil, Private Banking Fund, University Social Security, Comprehensive Health Insurance and State Health Insurance.

The authority stated that with the signing of the agreement, “insurance will cover the cost of the Nuclear Medicine Center.”

Likewise, he clarified that for this his deputy ministry requested a report from all the managing entities to identify the number of cancer patients, those undergoing radiotherapy or those who require some tests that the center can provide.

Once the data is received, treatment will begin for these patients, as long as they have the reference ticket.

Two weeks ago, the Center for Nuclear Medicine officially opened after being idle for more than two years.

This space located in the Parcopata area of ​​the city of El Alto has two radiotherapy equipment, one brachytherapy equipment and a high-end equipment with which a tumor of less than half a centimeter is identified.

According to the authority, in these two weeks 306 cancer patients were treated and it is expected that more patients will arrive in the following days, since its capacity reaches 120 patients per day.

Of course, he clarified that for a patient to receive care, he must be referred from a first, second or third level hospital anywhere in the country.

Hidalgo assured that at the moment strategic alliances are being made with the El Alto Sur and Norte hospitals, as well as with the Clinics and other third-level departments where there is no equipment, so that doctors can transfer patients to this center. . Care is free of charge for patients enrolled in SUS.

But how can a person access this service? The deputy minister explained that the person only needs to be registered in the Unified Health System (SUS).

Once it is registered, it must be attended by the doctor – whether first, second or third level – who will indicate if he suspects having the tumor and he will issue a referral ticket to the center.


  • Inscription The person must register with the Unified Health System (SUS) at the health center closest to their home by presenting their identity card.
  • Reference If the patient has any indication of having a tumor, he or she will be referred from the first, second or third level health center to the Center for Nuclear Medicine.
  • Counter reference Once the patient has received all the treatment, the specialist will refer the person to their treating doctor with a physical and digital report. With the document, the doctor will monitor the patient.

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