The storm left one dead, thousands of users without power and falls from trees and roofs

The storm left one dead, thousands of users without power and falls from trees and roofs

The effects of the storm.

The storm of wind and rain that hit a large part of the country in the last few hours caused the death of a truck driver in Córdoba, left thousands of users without electricity or internet and caused trees to fall, roofs to be blown up and streets flooded, while Weather alerts continue for strong storms and intense windy conditions in the City of Buenos Aires and six other provinces.

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) issued in its latest report of the 18 orange alerts for rain for the south of the province of Buenos Aires, and yellow for winds that can reach between 30 and 50 km/h with gusts between 60 and 80 km. for various locations in Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe.

Meanwhile, in the city of Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos and La Pampa, the same yellow alert is in effect for winds of similar intensity.

At the same time, the SMN issued yellow alerts for heavy rains and storms for the north of Misiones, accompanied by intense gusts, strong electrical activity, hail fall, and fundamentally abundant water falls in short periods. Accumulated precipitation values ​​between 30 and 50 mm are expected, and may be exceeded locally, added the SMN.

The SMN indicates that the last update of the alerts is valid until 17:59 tomorrow, Friday.

The storm that fell from yesterday afternoon had a special impact in the Cuyo region, since the Zonda wind caused several damages, and in Córdoba, where a 39-year-old truck driver was electrocuted when he was driving along the road near the town of La Cesira, in the department of Roque Sáenz Peña, and the intense wind tore down a power pole that fell on the vehicle.

The strong winds, in some cases accompanied by rain and dust in the air, also caused the roofs of houses and sheds to be blown apart, in addition to the fall of trees and poles with wiring that interrupted electricity, cable TV and telephone services in several areas of the city. Córdoba, particularly in the southern province.

The storm and the wind caused damage
The storm and wind caused damage.

Meanwhile, in the western area of ​​the province of San Juan, the strong winds caused falling branches, trees, power outages, and some fires that were controlled by firefighters in the area of ​​Las Chacritas, Angaco and Rawson, they reported. Civil Defense spokesmen.

The passage of the Zonda wind also caused inconveniences in Mendoza that forced the suspension of classes for the afternoon and night shifts on Wednesday due to strong gusts.

In addition, it raised a cloud of earth that covered several areas and caused a sharp drop in temperature, which reached 3 degrees of wind chill this morning.

In San Luis, the strong winds left several districts without electricity and internet service, where there were also blasts and falls from roofs and utility poles, as well as uprooted trees that crushed cars and homes, reported municipal and police authorities.

Bad weather made itself felt in Formosa
Bad weather made itself felt in Formosa.

Likewise, motorists who were driving along Route 7 were affected by the meteorological phenomenon, and some had to seek refuge in service stations, including former Boca player Carlos Tevez, who took shelter in a service station in the city. of Villa Mercedes, according to witnesses.

Towards the Atlantic zone of the country, in the city of Mar del Plata, the storm of wind and rain that fell this morning left thousands of users in different neighborhoods without electricity, affected the operation of many traffic lights and forced the suspension of “La Carrera de Miguel”, within the framework of the commemoration of March 24, reported municipal sources.

In Bahía Blanca and the surrounding towns, the storm also caused the fall of 400 trees, flooding of streets and cuts in the electricity supply, among other inconveniences, as well as more than 100 families evacuated, without any injuries, according to the general director. of Civil Defense, José Luis Henríquez.

In the same way, several other towns in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires suffered during the early hours and morning of today’s blasting of roofs, fallen trees, power outages and flooded streets, but no injured people were recorded or considerable evacuations were carried out. spokesmen for the Buenos Aires government reported.

They added that for the remainder of the day “intense winds are expected throughout the province, especially in the west of our territory” and that for this reason there is “reinforcement of our alert guard made up of analysts and meteorologists.”

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