They temporarily separate another teacher also accused of touching

They temporarily separate another teacher also accused of touching

Hard hand against those bad guys who commit this type of inappropriate touching crime. The director of the UGEL Tarma, Oscar Huamancayo Barrientos, upon learning of the fact following the communication from PNP Lieutenant Dámaso Palomino Palomino of the Huasahuasi Rural Commissioner, immediately separated Professor William Rao Fierro (62) from the IE temporarily until the end of the investigation. No. 30001 of the Rico Monte farmhouse in the Huasahuasi-Tarma district.

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In addition, a commission from the UGEL Tarma has been sent to said remote town -including Huasahuasi-, which is three hours away by car, where the National Police arrived, but did not find the teacher, who the day before was accused by two schoolchildren of have subjected them to inappropriate touching.

Initially, REIB (28) and MLMI (30), denounced inappropriate touching of their 10 and 11-year-old daughters, who named the teacher in question as their aggressor.

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Immediately the Huasahuasi PNP commissioner accompanied by three non-commissioned officers went to the village. The minors indicated that the teacher threatened to kill their parents if they confessed the facts, showing them a firearm in an intimidating manner. The agents searched for the teacher at his home and did not find him, nor would he have come to teach the classes. This is the second case in the region of a teacher who is denounced for improperly touching his students, the first was a few days ago in Huancayo.

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