They support the idea of ​​transferring the toll of the Remanso Bridge

The bill “Which establishes the transfer of the toll booth located at the western head of Puente Remanso, on route PY09, Transchaco, to the district of Benjamín Aceval (Cerrito company), of the department of Presidente Hayes”, received approval reports in various committees of the Chamber of Deputies.

The commissions that gave a favorable opinion to the project are those of Municipal and Departmental Affairs; Social Equity and Gender; and Works, Public Services and Communications.

The document explains that, initially, when the toll was established at the eastern head of the Remanso Bridge, It was considered that the Transchaco route began there, as well as the trip itself.

However, it refers that The transfer of the toll booth to Km 21 of route PY09, Transchaco, at the western head of Puente Remanso, belonging to the Villa Hayes district, occurred due to traffic congestion at the Ministry of Public Works and Communications toll booth (MOPC), located then at km 19 of the city of Mariano Roque Alonso.

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Likewise, this was associated with the reduction in vehicle traffic speed; the delay in travel times; increase in traffic accidents; additional fuel consumption; wear of road works; among other elements that were exposed by the users who circulated in that section.

The designers indicate that, currently, the entire area included in both sides of the bridge, is part of the Asunceno metropolitan area or conurbano; therefore, the toll collection does not correspond there.

“The transfer of the toll booth to the western head, a few meters from the Remanso Bridge, continues to have the same inconveniences that motivated its transfer from one side of the Bridge to the other, aggravated by the increased vehicular traffic,” the explanatory statement states. .

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The proposal suggests as part of a solution of low cost, the transfer of the toll booth that is currently located at the western end of Puente Remanso (Km. 21), to the company Cerrito of the Benjamín Aceval District (Km. 50), some 29 kilometers away from the position of the current toll post.

The regulations, it should be pointed out, are pending debate in the plenary session of the Lower House.

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