Maduro: “Biden stabbed the Bogotá Conference with the robbery of Citgo”

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, forcefully rejected the order issued by a US court, which handed over the assets of the Venezuelan company Citgo, based in the United States, into the hands of minority opposition groups.

The national president said that what was done by “the government of the United States is unparalleled. Not even Donald Trump dared to do it,” said the president about the order given by the foreign court so that opponents can “sell, negotiate and do whatever they want” with the company of all Venezuelans.

Maduro reported that the letter authorizing this illegal transaction had already been ready on April 7, so the attendance of the US representation at the Conference on the political process in Venezuela, held in Colombia, was a farce from the beginning.

“Petro convened a Conference on the political process in Venezuela, attended by 20 governments that mostly asked to lift the sanctions on Venezuela,” recalled the president, while noting that the representation of the United States mocked this appointment.

“When they attended Bogotá they already knew that they had done the biggest prank against the interests of Venezuela abroad,” he remarked.

He accused the Joe Biden government of committing “the biggest looting, the biggest robbery that has been done to Venezuela.”

Citgo had 6 refineries, of which 3 are operating today. It had 10,000 service stations throughout the United States. Costing an estimated $13 billion, the company produces about $1 billion a year, which was left in the hands of “looters of the homeland.”

He called the action illegal and immoral, saying that Citgo’s sole owner is the people of Venezuela through PDVSA.

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