An old man faints due to hunger in the middle of the street in Holguín

MIAMI, United States. – “Help him, he is a human being. That man is hungry and needy. The Government does not take care of people like this, ”a woman shouted this Wednesday, while she pointed to an old man who had fainted in the middle of Aguilera street, one of the busiest in the city of Holguín.

“It’s worth it, a car wasn’t coming, if not…”, pointed out one of the men who was helping.

On the opposite sidewalk, several people witnessed the unfortunate event while waiting at a bus stop.

An old man faints due to hunger in the middle of the street in Holguín
(Photos: CubaNet)

(Photos: CubaNet) The old man, shirtless, with dirty pants and no shoes, remained lying on the floor, accompanied by several passers-by, but without receiving first aid.

“He got a bruise,” someone commented, pointing to his head, where a wound caused by the impact with the asphalt protruded.

A man who has just arrived recognizes him as “Chino”, takes him by the right arm and tries to help him get up, in vain: the old man does not come to.

In a small plastic cup, the newcomer puts two 10-peso bills that the old man had apparently received as alms.

“The government has to help these people. Look how bad hygiene that Christian has. He has a checkbook, but no one lives with it because life is very hard and he is alone. He lives there in a cuartería”, says another of the people who seems to know him.

“He has a house. He doesn’t drink rum, but I don’t know what happened to him,” added the man who helped him. “But he has to have a social worker to help him,” the lady pointed out.

“Is very sick. Of course, because there is a lack of food,” said another of those present.

With help, the old man managed to sit on the sidewalk and lean against the wall where he left a bloodstain.

“Didn’t you have lunch today?” asks his acquaintance. “Keep calm until that dizziness of yours goes away,” someone else suggested.

An old man faints due to hunger in the middle of the street in Holguín
(Photos: CubaNet)

In Cuba, almost 20 percent of the population is 60 years of age or older, an indicator that will continue to grow in the following years, according to the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) of the island.

Meanwhile, the pensions received by retired people range from 1,578 to 1,733 pesos, a tiny figure that does not cover the basic needs of the elderly. Added to this is the galloping inflation after the implementation of the so-called Sorting Task, that has skyrocketed food prices.

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