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They summon “interview”, they occupy cell phones and computers of Humberto Ortega, brother of the dictator

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They summon "interview", they occupy cell phones and computers of Humberto Ortega, brother of the dictator

In Nicaragua, no one gives an opinion or makes a public statement without the authorization of the dictatorial duo, Humberto Ortega Saavedra, brother of Daniel Ortega and brother-in-law of Rosario Murillo, knows that well now, who run the Central American country with an iron fist.

Humberto is convalescing at his residence in Managua due to heart conditions, as he himself revealed to the Argentine media Infobae in an extensive interview published this weekend. In that conversation with journalist Fabián Medina, he points out that there are people within the circle of power who want to kill him, among other issues, which led him to suffer reprisals.

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The head of the Army of the 80s had cell phones and computers seized, according to the newspaper La Prensa on its website. Police patrols arrived at Ortega’s home on the night of Sunday, May 19. The operation was directed by Commissioner Vladimir Cerda.

Humberto Ortega was summoned to an “interview” at the police offices in Plaza El Sol, in Managua, with Commissioner Horacio Rocha, presidential advisor on security matters.

“The Police keep the house of Humberto Ortega surrounded, who maintains a private escort; it has not been possible to confirm whether his escorts were unarmed,” La Prensa highlights.

The interview with Infobae

The brother of the dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, warned that after the death of the leader, power has no guarantees of succession, neither in the Sandinista party nor in the Ortega-Murillo family, so he believes that the Army will lead a kind of custody of internal order until elections are called.

Regarding his relationship with his brother, Humberto Ortega said that it has improved since his health condition worsened. The retired general stated that as a result of his illness, his brother reestablished her meetings with him.

«…now communication is more natural, fluid. Which has been constructive, timely, for exchanges about the complex and difficult developing global crisis. We exchanged points of view, encouraged to contribute to overcoming the crisis, the serious problems that afflict all of Nicaragua, particularly since 2018.

Recently, in an opinion article published in the newspaper La Prensa, HOS warned of the possibility that the US, if deemed essential, could carry out a “surgical, lightning” military operation to overthrow its brother.

The youngest of the Ortega family explained that this surgical operation would be a coup “to supplant the established power, and not to start with this an anarchic process or a war of resistance like the one we had in the past. The United States does not want anarchic problems here in the region, much less a prolonged war. It would simply be like removing a tooth that is in the way, keeping the teeth intact. Remove the most decomposed piece.

Their approaches and analyzes are dubious. He criticizes his brother’s regime and then gives alternatives for the continuity of Sandinismo. In his most recent opinion article, he assured that the United States could apply a “lightning action” against Nicaragua due to the authoritarianism of Daniel Ortega.

According to that publication, Humberto is thinking about an operation similar to the one that the United States carried out against Manuel Antonio Noriega, who was captured by US troops when they invaded Panama in 1989.

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