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Panamanian taekwondo is at the forefront

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Panamanian taekwondo, on its way to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and with the aim of continuing to modernize the training of its athletes, has received new electronic implements, which puts it at the international forefront.

These implements are those used in international competitions, especially in the Olympic Games, since the athletes’ blows are so fast that sometimes the judges do not see them.

With this technology, through sensors a direct signal is sent to the central table of the ring, giving points after each power impact.

Boris Álvarez, president of the Panamanian Taekwondo Federation, highlighted the importance of these Daedo brand implements, delivered by Pandeportes so that Panamanian athletes of this discipline are at the forefront of this sport.

He added that the Federation did not have this technology, since those that existed were damaged, for which he thanked the director of Pandeportes, Luis Denis Arce for this management.

He also mentioned that this has been the result of a fight of more than five years to obtain these electronic bibs for athletes in the cadet, youth and adult categories.

It should be noted that the 2008 Beijing Games was the last time that manual scoreboards were used, giving way to electronic systems.

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