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They sold the historic Ancap property near Gorlero for US$ 2.3 million: what will be built there?

They sold the historic Ancap property near Gorlero for US$ 2.3 million: what will be built there?

A Uruguayan group made up of three Montevidean investors bought for US$ 2.3 million an Ancap property located in east pointon 30th and Gorlero streets, a short distance from the downtown area of ​​the spa and a few blocks from the Los Dedos sculpture.

One of the investors, and who will develop the work, is the owner of Zulamian Desarrollos Inmobiliarios.

The lawyer Walter Pritsch, legal manager of the investment group and who was in charge of presenting the offer during the auction, explained to The Observer that there is still no defined work project, but there are several options that will be discussed in the coming days.

On the property, a 1,637 m property2“it can be done from a hotel to an apartment building, obviously there will not be a hotel, but what there will be is a good parking space that there is not in the area and, in turn, the building part,” he commented. .

The options will depend, for example, on the permission they have to build in height, and the idea is that the project “accompanies the aesthetics of the station, that is, there is not something totally different that shocks the eye”.

Adjacent to the finished property there is a historic Ancap service station that currently functions as offices of the Municipality of Punta del Este.

neighbors against

According to the lawyer, the regulations allow the development of a construction of 16 or 17 floors, although some exceptions can be requested from the Maldonado Departmental Board with which to agree to build “two or three more floors.” The builders must abide by a regulation of the area and also by one of the register.

Neighbors of buildings in the area refused to sell the register.

Zulamian Desarrollos Inmobiliarios will be in charge of the project and the work, in a place where the Automobile Museum operated for several years.

Prior to the sale, the owners of the Torre del Sol, Michelángelo and Santos Dumont buildings filed an appeal to revoke the sale. More than 540 neighbors joined for that purpose.

The property sold is 1,637 m2.

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