They seized 8,095 bullets that were transferred to Apure

They seized 8,095 bullets that were transferred to Apure

The Bolivarian National Guard seized in Agua Blanca (Portuguesa) the sum of 8,095 bullets, according to military reports.

This procedure was carried out at the La Cascada Citizen Service Point, Agua Blanca municipality, Portuguesa.

In that alcabala, a Jeep plate AA140PD from Valencia (Carabobo) bound for El Nula (Apure) was retained. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and identified as Arun Antonio Pineda Rubio.

The military checked the vehicle and detected the batch of cartridges in the fuel tank.

The shipment of bullets contained 3,448 cartridges calibers 7.62 x 51 mm and 7.62 x 39 mm intended for rifles.

The seized material also includes 247 0.40mm caliber cartridges and 4,400 9mm caliber cartridges, the report states.

The driver who was transporting the bullets was handed over to the Public Ministry where they opened a file for criminal association, financing of terrorism, financing of organized crime and illicit trafficking in ammunition.

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