Minute by Minute |  Óscar Romero, protagonist of Boca's triumph over Platense

Minute by Minute | Óscar Romero, protagonist of Boca’s triumph over Platense

Óscar Romero scored the goal from a free kick that gave Boca the advantage / Photo: Julián Álvarez

Full Time. Boca beat Platense 2-1.

48′ Last chance for Platense. Taborda shoots over the crossbar and lets go of the possibility of a draw for the “Squid”.

46′ Foul by Luis Advíncula (BOC) on Vicente Taborda. The judge marks a free throw for Platense.

43′ Replacement in Platense: Haibrany Ruiz Díaz enters by Mauro Zárate

42′ Change in Boca: Cristian Medina enters for the scorer Óscar Romero.

41′ Boca wants to assert its numerical superiority, they look for Figal in the area but he is out of the game.

37′ Incidents and jostling between the teams after a foul on Sebastián Villa. Marcos Ledesma and Marcos Villalba are cautioned, Ramiro González is expelled for a second yellow card. Sebastián Villa also receives a warning.

36′ Free kick for Boca: Oscar Romero crashed twice in a row against the barrier.

32′ Fourth change in Boca: Aarón Molinas enters for Juan Ramírez.

31′ Third change in Boca: Nicolás Orsini enters, Luis Vázquez withdraws from the game.

31′ Vicente Taborda (PLA) commits an infraction against Martín Payero (BOC).

28′ Oscar Romero looks for his third goal but the shot goes wide.

26′ Third change in Platense: Ignacio Schor enters, Juan Pablo Pignani retires.

25′ Gastón Suso is booked in Platense.

24′ Double change in Boca: Nicolás Figal enters for Facundo Roncaglia, and Martín Payero for Guillermo Fernández.

23′ Sebastián Villa shoots at the goal and the shot goes wide.

22′ Chance for Boca Juniors: Luis Vázquez shoots and saves Marcos Ledesma

twenty’ Agustín Sandez (BOC) sends well to the attack, overflows with a center that Ramiro González sends to the corner.

19′ Second change in Platense: Juan Cruz Esquivel enters, Horacio Tijanovich leaves.

18′ Forward position of Sebastián Villa (BOC)

14′ Second admonished in Boca: Luis Advíncula receives a yellow card.

9 ‘Discount Platense! Nicolás Morgantini found the rebound in the area and got the discount for the “Squid”.

8′ Agustín Sández is booked in Boca.

7′ Foul by Nicolás Morgantini (PLA) on Óscar Romero (BOC). The judge marks a free throw

6′ Luis Advíncula (BOC) commits an infraction against Horacio Tijanovich (PLA).

5′ Sebastian Villa (BOC) shot on goal. Goalkeeper Marcos Ledesma deflects it to a corner.

two’ Jorge Benítez clears the corner. Corner kick for Boca.

1′ Villa and Romero look for the right attack. Foul on the Paraguayan and free kick for Boca.

1′ Change in Platense: Jorge Benítez enters, Federico Gino withdraws from the match.

Start of the second half.

scar Romero celebrates his second goal of the match Photo Julin lvarez
Óscar Romero celebrates his second goal of the match / Photo: Julián Álvarez.

End of the first half: Boca beat Platense 2-0 with two goals from Paraguayan striker Óscar Romero.

48′ Free kick for Platense: Ramiro González Hernández looks for Boca’s area and the center goes by the bottom line.

scar Romero scores his second goal of the match with a header Photo Julin lvarez
Óscar Romero scores his second goal of the game with a header. / Photo: Julián Álvarez.

42′ Second goal by Óscar Romero for Boca! Villa went against and found the Paraguayan striker to connect with a header and make it 2-0 for “Xeneixe”.

41′ Tijanovich (PLA) looks for the Boca area but Advíncula sends the corner.

38′ Corner kick for Boca Juniors, carried out by Óscar Romero: Carlos Zambrano falls, who shoots and saves Juan Pablo Pignani.

36′ Corner kick for Boca: Óscar Romero shoots and contains Marcos Ledesma.

3. 4′ Boca controls the ball and the midfield, taking away chances from Platense

29′ Platense seeks equality: Mauro Zárate shoots the goal and goes outside.

25′ Boca arrives with danger: Óscar Romero finds Juan Ramírez in the area, who cannot define precisely and sends his shot outside.

Boca celebrates 2-0 in the first half Photo Julin lvarez
Boca celebrates 2-0 in the first half / Photo: Julián Álvarez.

twenty-one’ Sebastián Villa (BOC) kicks on goal, but Platense goalkeeper Marcos Ledesma avoids the goal.

twenty’ First cautioned of the match: Juan Pablo Pignani receives a yellow card.

18′ Luis Vázquez (BOC) fouls Gastón Suso (PLA).

14′ Agustín Sández (BOC) fouls Horacio Tijanovich (PLA).

11′ Goal by Óscar Romero! The Paraguayan nailed the free kick from the right to the angle to give Boca the lead 1-0.

10′ Infraction on Luis Vázquez. Free kick for Boca at the door of the rival area.

Photo Julin Alvarez
Photo: Julian Alvarez

8′ First shot on goal of the match: Óscar Romero tries long distance and the ball goes over the crossbar.

6′ Infraction by Nicolás Morgantini on Alan Varela. Free kick for Boca.

4′ Carlos Zambrano (BOC) commits a foul on Horacio Tijanovich (PLA).

two’ Boca searches with Sandez for the left offensive side. Goal kick for Platense.

1′ Platense tries to deepen in attack but fails with Boca’s defense. Lateral for the Ibarra team.

Photo Julin Alvarez
Photo: Julian Alvarez

Start of the match: Boca receives Platense with the mission of recovering its best version

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