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They reveal privileges of Carmen Villalba and how the Government knelt

The former coordinator of Women’s Penitentiary Establishments, Ana Dina Coronel, made her statement on Monday and recounted what happened with the admission of Osvaldo Villalba’s coffin to the Good Shepherd, in order to disentangle responsibilities. In this regard, she said that there was a lot of lack of coordination of information and a lack of foresight on the part of the high authorities. She also revealed that the epepista leader has privileges behind bars.

At a press conference, Ana Dina Coronel, former coordinator of Women’s Establishments, read the defense that the former director of Buen Pastor had sent to the court, in which a account of the entrance of the coffin of Osvaldo Villalba to the Good Shepherd.

He explained that through carmen villalba they found out that their brother’s body was going to be buried near the penitentiary, and that this inmate was the one who He first requested to attend the funeral, but given the impossibility of this, he then required to be able to receive the coffin.

“We found out from her that her brother’s body was going to come. She already knew before everyone. It’s totally absurd.” said about the power that the condemned criminal has.

Initially it was decided that he could not do it, but later the prison authorities changed their minds, given the attitude of the other inmates who supported the request of the epithet.

“The petition was granted considering the existence of a similar situation in 2010,” said Coronel, who assured that the authority that gave the endorsement was the then Minister Edgar Taboada himself. The authorization was sent through the Vice Minister of Justice.

At another point, the former coordinator said that she does not agree with the actions of the EPP, with kidnapping and killing innocent people, but that she has the right to receive her brother, in accordance with current regulations.

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Ana Dina Coronel made it clear that President Mario Abdo Benítez was not aware of everything that happened, since it was handled at the ministerial level.

On the other hand, he accused Elizabeth Millán, secretary of the Prison Union, of being the counter-power in the Ministry of Justice. He also acknowledged that Carmen Villalba has a cell phone in her possession, like the rest of the inmates.

At another time he confirmed that yes, the transfer of Carmen del Buen Pastor was prepared, but then the Government backed down. “She was already at the gate, there the Vice Minister gave us the order for her to return to her cell. It is not that she refused the transfer or said that she was going to enter her cell, ”he clarified.

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