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They report the murder of a seven-year-old girl in Camagüey at the hands of her mother’s partner

MIAMI, United States.- A seven-year-old Cuban girl would have been murdered at dawn this Wednesday in the municipality of Vertientes, Camagüey province, allegedly at the hands of a man who attacked her mother, according to several reports on social networks.

The man apparently had a relationship with the girl’s mother. The woman, according to reports, is currently in a hospital with serious injuries.

“In the early hours of this Wednesday, August 17, in the Vertientes municipality, Camagüey, specifically in the place known as Batey del Central, a seven-year-old girl was kicked to death and her mother was seriously injured,” reads a publication in Facebook of La Hora de Cuba.

“According to publications made by the local journalist Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva, in the Facebook group ‘Vertentinos around the world‘, the murderer, nicknamed Chupito, entered the house and injured the woman with a knife. So far the reasons for this event and the names of those involved are unknown, “adds the note.

Several residents of the place have confirmed the news in the Facebook group, however, so far no official media has echoed the news, which has mourned Cubans inside and outside the island.

The attacker, according to residents of the area, fled and has not yet been located.

“Near the Batey del Central, in Vertientes, a crime was reported when a subject, while trying to kill a woman with whom he allegedly had relations, left her 7-year-old daughter dead. This femicide occurred in the early hours of this Wednesday. The woman may survive. Probably not. Deep sadness for the family and the people. More violence in socialist Cuba. EPD,” the reporter said on his Facebook account.

The fact, a new femicide in Cuba, it would be considered vicarious violence, that which aims to harm women through their loved ones and especially their sons and daughters.

According to the Complutense University of Madrid, vicarious violence is “the most cruel and ruthless” because “it causes irreparable damage and destroys women” after “girls and boys are murdered by their biological parents, partners or ex-partners of Mother”.

Data published so far by Cuban feminist organizations put the number of femicides on the island at least 24 so far this year.

Despite this, a law against gender violence continues to be passed in the country, and activists continue to demand stronger laws, a centralized alert system, a network of shelters and statistics related to gender violence. The Government is not regularly transparent with events of this type.

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