The 'Tino' appears eating sausage and charges against Petro's tax reform

The ‘Tino’ appears eating sausage and charges against Petro’s tax reform

Yes, there is a quite controversial character in Colombia is he Tiny Asprilla. The former player had a life of great sporting success, but also of scandals and since his retirement his particular personality has not changed much.

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The former Parma has confessed himself as one of the biggest opponents of the government of Gustavo Petro. the tulueño campaigned for all the president’s opponentsbut to his misfortune it did not help much.

Now, with the new projects of the chief executive, it seems that the commentator and former player has brought out his most ‘critical’ side to question him. In the last hours he published a video referring to his position on the tax on unhealthy foods that is part of the tax reform.

The initiative does not seem to sound like much to the idol of Nacional, who considers himself a true sausage eater, a consumer of processed foods with a high sugar content.

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