Mayor of Puente Alto criticizes current situation in the country after assault on a school van: “It is a sign that criminals have lost their limits”

The Mayor of Puente Alto, German Codina (RN), criticized the criminal situation that our country is experiencing after the assault on a school van by six subjects, who threatened the driver with a weapon and stole a backpack from a minor under 10 years of age this morning in the commune .

“This is one more example that criminals have completely lost their limits,” said the mayor.

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“It is unacceptable and that is why we have to end once and for all the guarantee system that has sown impunity, has given rights to criminals and has completely forgotten about the victims and the honest and hard-working people,” he added in emmol.

It should be noted that the South Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office specified that “the first proceedings were ordered for the PDI Robbery Brigade to clarify the robbery that occurred in Puente Alto, when 6 unknown individuals intimidated victims with firearms and stole various species that were in a school van, and then run away.

Government summons

Codina took advantage of the opportunity to summon the Government of the President Gabriel Boric. “We want the government to accept the request of the municipalities to have 2% of the nation’s budget, to support the Carabineros with resources so that they can have more patrols and also seriously redistribute police resources,” he said.

To this he also expressed that this work should be “together with supporting the municipalities so that we can really collaborate in the fight against crime.”

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