They recommend restoring resources to the FEEI and COP

They recommend restoring resources to the FEEI and COP

The Finance Commission recommended restoring US $ 14 million of the US $ 17 million cut to the Fund for Excellence (FEEI). While they requested the restitution of the US $ 19 million to the Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP).

The Senate Finance and Budget Committee held sessions on Monday and Tuesday. Today, Wednesday, they discuss the 2022 General Budget of the Nation in an extraordinary session.

Some of the main recommendations established were the reinstatement of G. 98,000 million (US $ 14 million), of the G. 119,000 million (US $ 17 million) cut to the Fund for Excellence in Education and Research (FEEI) the week passed through the Chamber of Deputies.

There were two motions. One was the restitution of G. 49,000 million and the other of G. 98,000 million. Ultimately, the senators opted for the largest number.

They also established the reinstatement of the G. 132,000 million (US $ 19 million) to the Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP) for the celebration of the Odesur Games.

It should be remembered that all these are only recommendations. The final decision will be made by the senators today.

Last week, the deputies distributed the FEEI cuts to the Public Ministry and the Judiciary for the creation of positions, payment of salaries and bonuses. While the cuts to the Odesur Games also went to the Judiciary, the Public Ministry and national universities.

These were Fonacide resources that were to be used for works for the Odesur Games. Unlike the FEEI case, these games received 100% restitution of the cut resources.

Colorado Senator Juan Darío Monges gave striking statements that the restitution of the resources of the Odesur Games would be achieved thanks to cuts in the Hospital de Clínicas and in the Directorate of Charity and Social Assistance (Diben).

This was denied by Marco Elizeche, vice minister of Financial Administration of the Treasury. The Secretary of State reported for 730 AM, that they even plan to provide an additional 40,000 million (US $ 5 million) to G Clinics.

It should be remembered that the FEEI receives around US $ 70 million per year. What will be allocated to other entities will be their resources corresponding to 2023, 2024 and 2025.

There is some optimism that the modifications will be approved by the senators. The banks that have already publicly affirmed that they will return the resources to the FEEI and the COP are the Liberals from bank “B” and the Guasu Front.

Salyn Buzarquis, a liberal senator, affirmed at the time that they have a public commitment to return the resources. He stressed that the Senate always has the last word on the budget issue.

Hugo Richer, senator for the Guasu Front, has also publicly stated that they will return the resources. Since they consider that more should be invested in education, contrary to the cuts that the deputies applied last week.

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