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Chaos between pandemic and public disorder

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The Covid-19 is generating chaos that goes beyond hospitals without capacity, lack of supplies of medicines, empty oxygen balloons and in deficit, patients with shortness of breath drowning inside their homes because they do not have health insurance, or being undocumented with the fear of being deported to your native country.

Beyond the virus and all the respiratory problems that it carries with it, this pandemic is generating, along with the fourth or fifth outbreak, suffered by some European nations and also some in the American region, a wave of irritability leading to strikes. and protests that end up calling for lack of control and beatings.

The pothole from which countries such as Austria, Belgium, and Germany cannot get out, since they have a low percentage of vaccinated with at least two doses, is given, to a large extent, not by the unequal distribution of vaccines that others suffer, but for the decision of their governments to leave the immunization of their inhabitants to free will.

Thus it is that Austria and the Netherlands have stolen headlines and news in this last week due to the uproar and violence that between protesters and police forces have generated in the streets, agitated by up to more than 30 thousand strikers. Rotterdam, for example, experienced a heated end due to its “health dictatorship” that imposed restrictions and mandatory vaccination on them.

The Venezuelan television network, Telesurtv recently reported on the mobilizations that took place in Austria, the Netherlands, Australia and Guadeloupe, where thousands of people took to the streets before their disagreement with the measures decreed by the authorities that seek to contain this new wave that has come to implant records of patients.

Telesurtv reported that “in the Austrian capital, Vienna, a crowd gathered in the vicinity of the Chancellery and rejected the confinement of the entire population from next Monday (until December 13) and the mandatory anti-Covid vaccination -19 from February 2022 ”.

He added that “on the night of Friday, November 19, the day on which 21,000 new positives were confirmed, there were serious disturbances in the city of Rotterdam (southwest), sparked by another demonstration against the restrictions (…) 51 people they were arrested and there were seven wounded, among them law enforcement officers ”.

Neither the end of the pandemic, nor the cessation of cases, in the long run what all these strikes of people who do not believe in vaccines, or nasobucos, or distancing will bring, will be a greater number of positive cases, serious cases and deaths . A greater chaos than they are causing in streets and cities, a more distant end of Covid-19.

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