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They raid stores of medical and chemical supplies

The Ministry of Health reported that in order to comply with Law 1340/88, which represses the illicit traffic of drugs and narcotics, two establishments were supervised, a company in the automotive sector and a pharmacy.

According to the verification report, the automotive business did not carry out the activities for which it was authorized and the pharmacy dealt in medicines and supplies from private sanatoriums.

It should be noted that controlled chemicals and precursors are products that are used legally for a specific purpose, which may be for the production of paints, serigraphic inks, and others.

They can also be exploited for the production of illicit drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, etc. Therefore, constant controls must be carried out on these entities.

The establishments that work with this type of chemical are called “category B users”.

Users in this category are those who, although they do not have an authorization record from the Ministry of Public Health, use substances controlled by DINAVISA, an entity that provides a space to formalize their commercial activity and classifies them as “operating establishments of chemical substances”.

Likewise, these types of operations are carried out periodically and at the country level.

The entrance They raid stores of medical and chemical supplies was first published in diary TODAY.

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