They raid another house linked to Choque and find the alleged remains of a man

They raid another house linked to Choque and find the alleged remains of a man

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Police officers moved this Wednesday to a building in the San Martín area, on the way to Viacha, linked to serial rapist Richard Choque Flores. According to the general commander of the Police, Jhonny Aguilera, evidence of the corpse of a man whose date of death dates back to 2009 and may have been the first victim of the multiple femicide would have been found at that site.

“Based on the interviews carried out by the Police personnel, they allow us to affirm the existence of a body here, a person who has already been confirmed as missing. This would be the first victim of this subject and it would have happened in 2009”, he told the press.

The remains correspond to a man of about 21 years and the officers are still working to dig up the body.

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“This is a man of about 21 years of age, and what we have to do now is finish the excavation. From the technical point of view, the signs obtained by the Fire Department allow us to perceive, through the dogs, the existence of ninhydrin, a typical gas emitted by the bodies of human beings,” he added.

The Police presume that the remains may correspond to a relative of Richard Choque Flores, with whom the victim had a “resentment” that ended in death.

“The interviews that have been conducted in the last few hours with this Mr. Richard Choque, allow us to establish that he would have had a relative who would have entered the military school. In some way it would have generated some kind of resentment in this man to cause his death, which apparently would have been poisoning,” Aguilera said.

The operation began at 11:00 and was supported by a team of firefighters, specialized experts and trained dogs. Those animals were the ones that marked a point in the house, which they confirmed is owned by the mother of the serial rapist.

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According to unofficial information, it would be the same place where Blanca Rubí Limachi, a 20-year-old girl who was murdered by Choque in 2013, was found.

The serial rapist is in preventive detention in Chonchocoro, after confessing to having murdered and buried the young Iris and Lucy. The individual is investigated for the rape of at least 77 women, whom he captured through social networks.

In 2013 the aggressor was sent to this same prison for the murder of Blanca Rubí, but years later he was released with the benefit of house arrest.

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