Cuestionan la opacidad en la entrega de 1 millón de hectáreas al régimen de Irán

They question the opacity in the delivery of 1 million hectares to the Iranian regime

They question the opacity in the delivery of 1 million hectares to the Iranian regime

The civil association Gente del Petróleo expressed its concern about the opacity in which the government of Venezuela delivered 1 million hectares to the Iranian regime. It is an agricultural agreement for food production, as announced by Mohsen Kushki Tabar, Iranian Deputy Interior Minister for Economic Affairs, in an interview with the Persian agency Tasmin.

“It causes infinite astonishment and rejection to observe the calm with which the current regime granted Iran 1 million hectares of fertile land”, says a statement from the organization, in which he explained that this portion is equivalent to 10,000 square kilometers. That is, half of the area of ​​the Miranda, Aragua and Carabobo states.

He said that this action cannot be carried out without consulting the citizens and they rejected that they violate the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic, which establishes in its article 13 that the territory may not be ceded, transferred or leased or in any way alienated, either temporarily or partially, to foreign states and other subjects of international law.

“Our territory should not be put at risk by involving it in confrontations with other countries that have been characterized as states that propitiate dictatorships, terrorism and invasions”expressed Gente del Petróleo in the document, spread on their social networks.

“We wonder what it means to grant, give away, sell, rent, give on loan for 100 years, recognize the area as territory and Iranian? Also, what are the marketing terms like? Can we Venezuelans consume these products or will they go directly to the Asian country? Will we Venezuelans be able to work on those lands or will we be foreigners in Venezuela?”, she added.

“Expropriated land?”

The civil association also asked where are those hectares located and if they correspond to the land expropriated by chavismo in previous years and subsequently decimated its production.

“What is the strategy? Will it be exclusively for agriculture, or does it also contemplate mining and armaments? Is it supplemented to help improve the dramatic situation of the peasant and increase the productivity of the field? Will there be technology absorption? Or will it be an enclave? Is it contemplated in the Special Economic Zones? That is, will it have special legislation?he questioned.

He expressed that it should be clarified how the delivery of land to Iran will benefit Venezuelans and, on the other hand, if land will later be granted to China, Syria, Russia and allied countries.

“This operation can mean the surrender of our sovereignty,” the organization warned. And finally, invited the academies, institutions and the political leadership to establish a position against this “new attempted violation” of the Constitution.

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