In which departments were the most kilos of drugs seized in 2021?

The Ministry of the Interior presented the data on seizures of different drugs in 2021 before Parliament, within the framework of Accountability. Despite the population difference, Rivera, which has a dry border with Brazil, surpassed Montevideo in the amount of drugs seized the previous year, with 1,679.3 kilos, ahead of the 1,605.2 that were caught in the capital.and the 756.4 kg that follow in Canelones.

In a year that the authorities marked as record in receipts of base paste, with 1,196 kilograms in total, Saint Joseph was the department with the record of seized kilos of this drug, with

582.9kgaccording to the report shared by the portfolio in Parliament this Wednesday.

After the department of maragato is Long Hillwhere the Ministry of the Interior managed to seize around

411 kilos base paste. Between these two departments, 83% of the seizures of this drug occurred in 2021and alone Montevideo then passes the 100 kilos, with 162.5kg seized.

Even, two of the 19 departments of the country did not have seizures of this drugand another seven did not reach a kilogram of receptions.

Nevertheless, base paste was the third drug seized in quantitybehind the 2,075.8 kilos of cocaine and 2,152.6 kg of cannabis.


When it comes to marijuana, the vast majority of the drug received by the authorities was obtained in Rivera, where 1,671.1 kg were seized throughout the past year, more than 3 out of 4 of the kilos of cannabis seized in 2021.

Behind Rivera is Montevideo with 151.9 kg of marijuana seized. They are much further away cannelloni (69.3kg), Thirty-three (58.2kg) and rock (47.5kg).

Unlike cocaine and base paste, all the departments of the country had at least 1 kilo of cannabis seizedwith Florida as the one with the fewest seizures with 1.7 kg.


Montevideo was the department with the most cocaine seized, with 1,288.8kg, more than 6 out of 10 of the kilos seized of this drug throughout the country during 2021.

further down is Cannelloni, with 679.9 kilos. both departments collect 94.5% of the cocaine caught by the authorities last year.

Then only three departments exceed 10 kg seized: Saint Joseph (51kg), Cologne (22.3kg) and rock (11.9kg). There are nine departments that do not exceed one kilo of cocaine seized.

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There were five departments that had 5 kilos or less in seizures of the three aforementioned drugs. Florida was the place where the least drug was seized, with 2.2 kg in total, of which 1.7 kg was cannabis.

back is Peachwith 3.7 kilos of drugs, almost the same as Black river with 3.8. The list is completed Flowers (4.3kg) and lavalleja (4.4kg).

Jump had, among the three most used drugs, a total of 5 kilos in seizures, but adds 1 kg of “other” narcotic drugs (amphetamines, hallucinogens, opiates). First on that list is Montevideo with 1.9kg.

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