They protest against blackouts in Moca, Montecristi, Salcedo and Stgo

They protest against blackouts in Moca, Montecristi, Salcedo and Stgo

Users of the electric service in several municipalities of the North Region of the country protested last night by burning tires due to the prolonged and continuous blackouts that are being registered.

Among the towns where protests were staged are Moca, Montecristi, Salcedo and Santiagowhere they denounce power outages that exceed eight hours.

The protesters say that the interruptions of the Electricity Distribution Company of the North (Edenorte) intensify at night and at dawn.

“With the high temperatures that are being recorded, I had to wait until two in the morning to go to bed when the light came,” said Luis Rosario, who lives in the RVIII residential complex in the Las Dianas sector, east of Santiago

He said that from the balcony of his apartment he observed the discomfort of his neighbors, who he says were also waiting for the arrival of the service to counteract the heat with fans.

Traders complain that their products are being damaged by the lack of electricity. They affirm that they have lost large investments in sausages and other items that need to be refrigerated.

The collapse of the electrical energy service has been registered in the last two weeks in towns of the Cibao.

From the Northern Electricity Distribution Company they recalled, through their Twitter account, that several generators have ceased their activities for maintenance for a few days. For this reason, in their concession area they have seen the need to alternate some circuits with power interruptions.

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