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They propose that Senabico finance the expansion of sewerage in Asunción

In the Chamber of Deputies, they will study a project that modifies the Senabico law and proposes that 15% of its resources be used to finance the expansion of the sanitary sewer system and stormwater drainage in Asunción.

The bill that modifies Law 6396/19, on the Administration of Seized and Confiscated Assets, in order to allocate a percentage of the assets declared in confiscation by Senabico, to finance the construction of sanitary sewers and storm drains in the city of Asunción was presented by Deputy Hugo Ramírez.

He argued that the stormwater drainage coverage in Asunción is less than 30%, so this proposal will counteract that percentage.

Article 46 of this legislation speaks of the destination of the seized assets and stipulates percentages for institutions and programs, but currently there is no project covered with these resources, due to the lack of regulation of this article.

“We believe it is appropriate to use a minimum percentage of what SENABICO seizures generate to reach the goal of 150 million dollars for the construction and improvement of infrastructure,” Ramírez commented.

The Municipality of Asunción charges a fee for the construction and improvement of sewage and stormwater drainage, which also corresponds to Essap, however, there is no plan in place.

Once it passes through the pertinent commissions, the project will be able to be studied in the plenary session of the Lower House.

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