They promote the #AbrilEsEsperanza campaign to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the civic rebellion in Nicaragua

They promote the #AbrilEsEsperanza campaign to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the civic rebellion in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan opposition groups began their #AbrilEsEsperanza campaign this Friday as part of the fourth anniversary of the start of social protests in the country. For the Nicaraguan University Alliance (AUN) these dates should serve to honor the victims of the repression of the Daniel Ortega regime and continue with the demand for justice and freedom.

“They have to motivate us to resist in this fight,” says the youth group, one of the first to join the initiative promoted through social networks.

Dolly Mora, Vice President of YETin communication with Article 66 stated that “all is not lost. That conviction, that commitment is always there, that is why at AUN we say April is hope, we are not going to forget April and we have to keep fighting».

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“Today we start April (…) a month that will not be able to be erased from the country’s history books, because it set a precedent in national processes, in saying enough is enough for this regime,” he added.

Mora called on citizens to maintain their commitment to the axes that marked the beginning of the protests, framed in the demand for democracy and freedom for Nicaragua.

“Since AUN, we have always been committed to important issues these four years, such as returning democracy, freedoms and above all justice to Nicaragua, that issue that is pending and that cannot be left aside, there must be processes around justice that return that sense of compensation to the families, “Mora continued.

He highlighted that there are currently more than 170 political prisoners, Nicaraguans who are referents, leaders of this struggle, since they were actively involved in the events of April 2018.

“April is hope, that hope that moves us to continue in the fight, to continue resisting,” he concluded. Ortega’s repression has left at least 355 murdered, more than 100,000 exiled and nearly 4,000 injured, according to reports from human rights organizations.

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