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They paid tribute to Aristóbulo Iztúriz one year after his death

They paid tribute to Aristóbulo Iztúriz one year after his death

This Wednesday, they paid tribute to the professor and revolutionary leader Aristóbulo Istúriz, in the General Cemetery of the South, one year after his physical departure.

His relatives were present on the day, as well as ministers and deputies of the National Assembly (AN), who highlighted the struggle and revolutionary ideals of Istúriz.

«Aristobulo was a teacher of politics and of the Revolution. He was the leader most loved by our people. If we want to look for a model of revolutionaries, let’s see each one of Aristóbulo’s qualities”, urged the deputy for the National Assembly, Jesús Farías, who was present at the activity.

Similarly, the parliamentarian highlighted Istúriz’s work for the benefit of the Venezuelan people, highlighting the struggle of the popular sectors.

«Aristobulo was always a man who shared with his people, who was in the depths of the popular sectors. He was a party man, he was a man who dedicated a good part of his life to the revolutionary vanguard, and made each one of his teachings a daily fact”, Farías stressed.

On the other hand, he asserted that it is necessary to raise the banners of Bolivianism and Chavismo, just as Aristóbulo did.

“If we want to honor Aristóbulo, let us militate under the banners of Bolivarianism, of Chavismo, which is the banner of the construction of socialism. Today we need Aristóbulo in these moments that the homeland, humanity, lives », he pointed out.

It should be remembered that, in honor of Istúriz, forums and seminars will be held throughout the country, to praise the legacy of the socialist leader.

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