They investigate a doubtful death that occurred in Treinta y Tres

The authorities are investigating the death of a 52-year-old man whom police officers found in Plaza de las Américas, west of the capital city of Treinta y Tres.

Troops of the Tactical Reserve Group (GRT) of the Treinta y Tres Police carried out a control tour through that area of ​​the city. At one point in the morning, the agents observed the presence of the man in the square and approached him. Seeing that the subject was in a compromised state of health, they called an ambulance to quickly transfer him to a health care center.

Minutes after entering the health center, his death was confirmed. In dialogue with the local radio Conqueror FMthe head of the Police of Treinta y Tres, Gerardo Lima, said that it was a death due to hypothermia.

However, around noon this day, the Minister of Social developmentMartín Lema, indicated that the death is still under investigation.

Expertise will be carried out to determine with certainty what caused the death of the man who, although he died in the street, had a roof. For now, the investigation is handled under the label of “doubtful death” and no cause is ruled out, not even homicide. The authorities await the results of the autopsy, waiting for elements that will allow them to clarify the facts.

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