Knife war between opponents for Monomers

Knife war between opponents for Monomers

The Venezuelan agrochemical company Monómeros, a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, located in Barranquilla-Colombia, and which produces at least 40% of the fertilizers that go to the production of the fields of the neighboring country, is once again in the news after the internal fights of the Creole extreme right for control of the state company, whose assets are managed by the interim government of Juan Guaidó, by virtue of the dispossession carried out with the support of the United States and Colombian President Iván Duque.

On this occasion, the fight is led by the so-called July 16 fraction, which was part of the extinct National Assembly of 2015, and the general manager of Monómeros, Guillermo Rodríguez Laprea, and his board of directors.

Thus, the former deputy José Luis Pirela, belonging to said faction, denounced days ago before the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office the members of the so-called board of directors of Monómeros, for the crimes of theft, private corruption, unfair administration, improper use of privileged information, laundering of aggravated assets, illicit enrichment of individuals, failure to report an individual, favoring and receiving.

Faced with such crimes, the 16J group (made up of the Convergence, Vente Venezuela and Alianza Venezuela parties) had the need to execute a substitution of the board of directors headed by Carmen Elisa Hernández de Castro and Jon Bilbao (executive president) in the aforementioned company.

However, faced with such an attack directed against them by a related opposition sector, the board of directors of Monómeros, appointed by Juan Guaidó and the G4 (extremist wing of Acción Democrática, Voluntad Popular, Un Nuevo Tiempo and Primero Justicia), criminally denounced to Pirela for generating “economic panic” and going to Colombian authorities to issue “infamy and slander and thus discredit the company.”

However, the spokesmen of the extreme right that make up the so-called 16J fraction published a letter on May 28, addressed to Juan Guaidó, rejecting the criminal complaint filed against Pirela, who has dedicated himself in the last two years to the investigative process of the “facts and omissions” of the current Guaidocist directive.

The former parliamentarians have repeatedly spoken about the situation of economic, legal, administrative calamity that the company is going through, but the self-proclaimed has not issued any position.

Already in 2021 Pirela declared that “behind Monómeros there is a mafia to break it and finish it off”. And days ago he ratified the questions against the board of directors. “What I question is that against those who proposed, who have not been ethical, who have been criminals, they try to cover up their responsibility, endangering an approach that belongs to all Venezuelans.”

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To this complaint is added the recent statements offered by the candidate for the Vice Presidency of Colombia for the Historical Pact party Francia Márquez, an ally of Gustavo Petro, winner in the first round of the elections in Colombia, held this Sunday.

“There were two companies here, Ferticol and Monómenos, a Colombian-Venezuelan company that, due to the conflict between Venezuela and Colombia, the politicians broke this company and handed it over to Guaidó. 2,000 direct jobs generated. 50% of inputs were produced there”, he said.

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