Han otorgado 35 mil 162 pensiones hasta diciembre del 2021

They have granted 35 thousand 162 pensions until December 2021

the owner of the General Directorate of Retirement and State Pensions (DGJP), Juan Rosa, revealed that in the management headed by the president of the republic Louis Abinader 35 thousand 162 pensions have been granted until December 2021.

The official stressed that, of these pensions granted are those of the former Dominican Institute of Social Security (IDSS), also adding retirement pensions, special doctors, cane and solidarity.

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He stated that work has been done on physical improvements of the institution for the benefit of pensioners, for which alliances have been created with the City Council of the National District for improvements in the front of the institution and with the Essential Medicines Program and Central Support Logistics (Promesecal) so that pensioners have access to medicines at low cost.

He also stressed that this year the DGJP is heading to open new offices in the provinces of Barahona and Puerto Plata, as well as in New York and Madrid so that the residents of these cities can access the services that the institution offers.

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The official expressed himself in this sense when participating in the “Social Security Forum, ”New Vision for the People”, held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the General Directorate of Information and Defense of Social Security Affiliates (DIDA), where the first lady Raquel Arbaje, former president Hipólito Mejia, the Minister of Public Health Daniel Rivera, among other officials and personalities, were present.

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