Security guard stabs his ex-partner inside the Tarma market

Security guard stabs his ex-partner inside the Tarma market

A security guard who had only been working for two days at the “Manuel A. Odría” Wholesale Market in Tarma, better known as Megaproject, fiercely attacked his ex-partner who works in the same place taking care of the hygienic services.

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Over the weekend, police personnel from the Tarma PNP Police Station were alerted that a woman was bleeding in the Megaproject sector. The agents found Cándida Domitila Arroyo Arredondo (24), with stab wounds to her face and various parts of her body. Body.

Meets attacker in hospital

Due to the seriousness of her injuries, the SAMU evacuated her to the Félix Mayorca Soto Regional Hospital, where she was treated by nurse Teresa Ramos and interviewed with the sister of the aggrieved Sofía Villugas Arredondo, who accused Gerson Cesar Calero Gutiérrez as the perpetrator of said criminal act. (31).

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An operation was quickly arranged under the command of PNP Captain Edgar Huaraca to locate the aggressor, they were informed that a male person with the same characteristics would have entered the hospital. Police personnel went to the scene, identifying him as Gerson Cesar Calero, proceeding to arrest him for the alleged crime against life, body and health in the form of attempted femicide to the detriment of his former partner. The aggressor would not present injuries as serious as his victim and would have tried to fake an attack to avoid charges.

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