They find schools with poor infrastructure in the district of El Tambo

They find schools with poor infrastructure in the district of El Tambo

A few weeks before the start of school work, of the district of El Tambo, present structural damage that does not ensure a safe return to classes, this was verified by the Civil Defense Office of this district, which carried out an inspection.

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The inspection began at the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús IE located at Jr. Manco Capac No. 475 in the Cochas Chico annex, followed by the Héroes del Cenepa IE located on the Santa Ana S/N highway in the Saños Grande annex.

“It has been verified that the premises have leaks through the ceiling, so it was recommended so that they can carry out maintenance, likewise, the fire extinguishers are not operational, the electrical installations are not adequate, the water drains have to be clean and the leveled bars, for which it was recommended that they regularize the observations for the safe return of the schoolchildren,” said Rosario Bullón Pizarro, head of Civil Defense.

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It also verified compliance with biosafety protocols, in a total of 9 institutions. The work was carried out in coordination with the Public Ministry, State Security and the Ugel-Huancayo, and more will be carried out soon.

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