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Lawyers reject constitutional reform; they say it intends to pulverize the independence of the judges

Miguel Surun Hernandez,

The Bar Association of the Dominican Republic (CARD) rejected the constitutional reformThe proposal by the Executive Power, considering it extemporaneous and considering that it represents a danger of handing over absolute control of the constitutional bodies to the hegemonic political sector in power.

The president of the guild, Miguel Surun Hernández, assured that it is intended to use the umbrella of the long-awaited independence of the Public Ministry as a spearhead to pass a constitutional counter-reform that seeks to reduce the percentage of votes to win the elections from 50 to 40%. presidential elections in a first round.

Surun Hernández warned with the reduction of the percentage to win the first magistracy of the nation, the rules of the game in the election at the presidential level will be varied, through a questionable maneuver that threatens democratic institutions and social peace in favor of the reelectionist aspirations of the President Luis Abinader.

The jurist lamented that far from reinforcing the independence of Justice, the piece deepens its dependency, destroying any loophole of legal security, going so far as to grant the National Council of the Magistrature the power to dismiss Judges of the High Courts, thus that judicial irremovability is eliminated.

“This change is intended to pulverize the independence of the Judges, since the Judge will pass sentence against whoever can remove him according to his will, especially if we take into account that the current President has 5 of the 7 votes of said body,” said the judge. trade unionist

Another point criticized by Miguel Surun Hernández is that in the twenty-fifth transitory, the power is granted to the current President, to appoint the Attorney General of the Republic, for a period of 6 years, beyond 2024, the date on which his term ends. mandate.

The president of the union that brings together the togados maintained that the establishment of a system for appointing Judges of the Supreme Court of Justice enshrines a kind of random substitution, which would seriously jeopardize the jurisprudential stability of the country, will deepen the appointment system of politicians with covert militancy in that power of the State and not career judges.

Surun Hernández called on all the active forces of the nation to raise their voices against this nonsense that threatens the rule of law and the independence of the Judiciary, which must be confronted in all scenarios.

The president of the Bar Association of the Dominican Republic warned about the serious disturbance that the Constitutional reform project would cause to public peace, since it is intended to destroy Justice, handing it over for years to the official business sector, which he said cannot be allowed.

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