They find 200 kilos of ELN explosives in rural Cali

They find 200 kilos of ELN explosives in rural Cali

In the rural area of ​​the Alfonso López neighborhood, to the east of Cali, the authorities seized 200 kilos of explosives.

According to experts, It would be Anfo, a mixture of Ammonium Nitrate, with petroleum derivatives, a high-power explosive, which was found inside a container cardboard, from which two electrical cables came out, which were linked together to an unknown electronic device from which a blue cable came out to a rectangular object.

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“These items were found. According to intelligence issues that were being sought from the urban ELN, at a point very close to the Cauca River and close to the urban area. It is part of anticipating the facts, by intelligence or sources. We managed to remove these elements and surely prevent them from being used for actions or plans they had,” said General William Prieto, commander of the Army’s Third Brigade.

According to institutional intelligence, the ELN would be moving the explosive material to Cali, along the Cauca River, and would have the purpose of attacking against the Public Force.

For his part, the Secretary of Security of Cali, Carlos Soler, said that the judicial investigation is continuing to determine the points where the explosive would be transferred, presumably to be used in criminal and terrorist actions, thereby saving lives of innocent citizens and attacks against the population are avoided.

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from dependency it was announced that the reward will be paid for information on the location of the explosive and invited citizens to continue informing and working together for the safety of the people of Cali, for which “absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.”

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