Mexico closes 2021 with a trade deficit of 11,491 million dollars

Mexico closes 2021 with a trade deficit of 11,491 million dollars

In 2020, the surplus of non-oil products was 47,938 million dollars and in 2021 it fell to 13,435 million dollars. Regarding oil products, the deficit in 2020 stood at 13,924 million dollars and last year it reached 24,926 million dollars, detailed the Inegi.


Regarding the sale of merchandise, in December 2021 Mexico reached 47,693 million dollars, of which 44,891 million dollars was for non-oil exports and 2,802 million dollars for oil.

At an annual rate, exports grew 10.8% in December

Non-oil merchandise sales to the United States, Mexico’s main trading partner, increased at an annual rate of .10% and to the rest of the world grew 2.5%.

With seasonally adjusted figures, the Inegi stressed, total merchandise exports fell by 0.10% monthly rate. This was due to a contraction of 8.05% in oil exports and an increase of .43% in non-oil exports.


The purchases of merchandise made by Mexico during the last month of 2021 ended at 74,102 million dollars, which represented an increase at the annual rate of 27.7%. The amount was due to the 24.2% increase in non-oil imports and the 64.8% increase in oil imports.

By type of good, the Inegi detailed in the statement, there were annual increases of 32.5% in the import of consumer goods, 27.7% in intermediate use goods and 21.5% in capital goods.

Seasonally adjusted, imports showed a monthly advance of 4.86%.

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