They expect more price increases in Uruguay

For the day, some meetings announced by the President of the Republic Luis Lacalle Pou, with the Ministers of Economy, Livestock and Industry, specifically focused on the Basic Family Basket, are awaited with expectation.

The tendency to pay more has worsened since the beginning of the year, before the war in Ukraine, with inflation of eight percent along with reductions in wages, for which workers, retirees and pensioners lost purchasing power.

Recently, the Executive Power temporarily eliminated the Value Added Tax (VAT) on meat with bone and skin for roasting, in order to compensate for the high export prices of other beef products, which were transferred to the domestic consumer.

Official media advanced the application of a similar measure for only 30 days in oil and a few more lines.

Meanwhile, the Regulatory Unit for Energy and Water Services (Unrsea) suggested to the government, by Import Parity, an increase of 24 percent in the price of diesel and 7 percent in gasoline.

According to the head of Industry, Omar Paganini, the state-owned Fuel Administration (Ancap) has “little back” left to sell below cost, which, however, it did do before the Sunday referendum to repeal 135 articles of the government Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC).

Senators from the Broad Front pointed out that in the two years of the coalition government, fuels increased by 36 percent and that the president failed to fulfill an electoral campaign promise not to apply increases.

Faced with the prospect of more expensive life, the Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, announced that the effects of fuel increases in the value of urban public transport tickets will be analyzed, to seek alleviating variants.

On the day, the Celiac Association mobilized before the presidential office to express concerns regarding the cost of dietary products for this population.


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