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They evacuate a hospital in Matanzas and a daycare center in Sancti Spíritus due to gas leaks

MADRID, Spain.- Around 20 patients from the Faustino Pérez University Hospital in Matanzas were evacuated this Tuesday afternoon due to a gas leak in the pantry of Room J of General Surgery.

The gas leak was due to the lack of maintenance of the pipes of 30 years of exploitation, indicated Taymi Martínez Naranjo, director of the hospital.

According to the newspaper Giron, the pantrist Mirtha González Quevedo was the one who detected the leak and notified the authorities of the center and the fire department of the province.

According to the information, no material or human damage was reported. And gas access to the room was closed until its repair.

Gas leak in day care center

Also this Tuesday, the children of the Sueños de Rosa daycare center were evacuated, after detecting a strong smell of gas.

“In the morning there was a strong smell of gas and we reported the incident. We also proceeded to evacuate all the children to the back area of ​​the center, until the agencies that have to do with this type of situation arrived, ”he explained to the newspaper. Escambray Mirian Morales Aquino, administrator of the circle.

As in the hospital, the incident was due to defects due to neglect.

“It seems that the stoves are in poor condition and the leak could have been through there,” said Morales Aquino.

While Guillermo Gutiérrez Hidalgo, belonging to the Sancti Spíritus Fuel Marketing Company, reported that the regulator had leaked.

“We checked the entire hose into the kitchen and there are no problems, although it must be said that the stoves are not in optimal technical condition,” he added.

The authorities ruled out risks of explosion, but the circle could remain closed this Wednesday.

After the explosion of the Hotel Saratoga, caused by an alleged gas leak, the number of reports citizens related to the smell of liquefied gas in many regions of the country, mainly in Havana.

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