They dismantle a prostitution network that exploited Venezuelan women

They dismantle a prostitution network that exploited Venezuelan women

The Colombian authorities captured ten people who were part of a network dedicated to child prostitution in which minors from Venezuela and other nationalities were exploited.

The information was confirmed this Friday by Colombian authorities through the Twitter account of the Directorate of Protection and Special Services of the National Police @ProteccionPonal.

In the operation they captured alias Camila, accused of being a pimp and alleged leader of the criminal organization that evaded the controls of the authorities with false Venezuelan documents, passing off their victims as adults.

According to a press release of the National Police Everything was revealed after four months of monitoring not only by the Police, but also by the Attorney General’s Office and the NGO Operation Underground Railroad.

The organization dedicated to human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents commits crimes in the cities of Bogotá and Cúcuta de Colombia.

The researchers identified how the young women were forced to work with very low earnings and what little they received they owed to the network that charged them for housing and lodging.

Some were told that they could not retire until they paid off their debts, but every day they charged new expenses, which made a vicious circle of depending on the organization.

Three Venezuelans rescued

In the operation, three raids were carried out on night entertainment venues and brothels in the area of ​​Venecia, in Bogotá.

During the investigations, they rescued four adolescents, three of them of Venezuelan nationality, whose ages range between 14 and 17 years.

Likewise, the investigators determined that alias Camila kidnapped a 17-year-old minor to be sexually exploited in the municipality of Ibarra in Ecuador, but the adolescent managed to escape and return to Colombia.

In the development of the investigation, two young Colombian women who were sexually exploited were rescued and began the route for the reestablishment of their rights. Today they are under the protection of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF).

Operation in Cucuta

In the capital of North Santander, a man known as Jeison was captured, allegedly in charge of making trips to different areas of Colombia in order to capture minors, mostly vulnerable adolescents and migrants, to exploit them in the businesses of the leader of the organization. criminal.

This man, apparently, induced the victims to consume alcohol and narcotic substances. Thus they were subjected and forced to endure different aberrations, describes the report of the Colombian Police.

A particular fact caught the attention of the investigators: alias Camila used esoteric rituals, such as smoking tobacco, preparing drinks, ointments and oils that, according to the information collected, supposedly had to be consumed and applied to the intimate parts of the victims, in order to attract applicants for sexual services.

The dismantled criminal organization was in charge of promoting commercial premises through social networks, where theme parties were held to attract customers.

The criminal network, apart from deceiving minors, was also engaged in smuggling, forgery of documents and adulteration of alcoholic beverages, according to a report from the Colombian media ConnectionCapital.

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