The drums beat again in Santiago del Estero with the XX March

The drums beat again in Santiago del Estero with the XX March

Photo: Rapetti Emilio.

Thousands of people from all over the country joined this Saturday in the XX March of the Drums that takes place in the capital of Santiago del Estero and that this year he returned after two years of absence due to the pandemic.

From the places of vigil, which began this Friday night, the columns of people left before noon this Saturday to meet in Plaza Libertad, and then all together go to Parque Aguirre, where the party, the dance and the rattle of drums continued into the afternoon.

“We are very happy to be able to be with the hype on the street again, after two years of pandemic”, told Télam the “Indian” Froilán, one of the promoters of this marchwhich is a unique experience.

“It warms the heart to meet friends and new visitors who are interested in our culture and our art,” added the luthier, who was in his patio last night handcrafting bass drums with special orders.

Photo Emilio Rapetti
Photo: Rapetti Emilio.

Entire families dressed in their ponchos and drums, accompanying this cultural movement, where improvised dancing and singing was a constant during the route of all the columns that arrived at Plaza Libertad, since they came from the north, south, west and The band.

At the vigils, both in the Patio del Indio Froilán, in San Esteban, in the chimney of San Germés, as in the others, the artists went on stage throughout the night and the dances were a constant.

On the morning of this Saturday, during the tour there were tributes to the cities of the provincial interior; At some stops, portraits were made of artists from Clodomira, Lugones, San José de Boquerón and Villa Atamisqui, among others.

The column of La Banda, at its stop, recognized the figure of the doctor Ricardo Aboslaiman and the health agents of the CIS Banda, like all health professionals in the province, for their outstanding work during the pandemic.

In the following seasons, the Virgin of Sumampa was honored and recognition was given to the “Corazones Solidarios” Foundation and to “Bombistos de San Gil”.

Hundreds of tourists participated in this XX March of the Drums and expressed their astonishment at this event, which “is surprising,” according to Inés de Neuquén.

“The truth is that the people are very hospitable, everything is very good, it is a unique show,” he added, clarifying that it is the first time he has participated and that he plans to return next year.

Photo Emilio Rapetti
Photo: Rapetti Emilio.

Luis and Adriana, are a married couple who came to Santiago del Estero from Mendoza, last night they participated in the Vigil in the Patio del Indio Froilán.

“It’s something I’ve never seen, you breathe culture, you get excited when you see the chacareras dance with so much passion and they even spread the desire and then we just started dancing, without knowing,” they explained.

Norma and Heraldo came from the province of Buenos Aires and did not hesitate to remark: “We came to march with the drums, because it is something that we love and we could not miss”.

“I don’t know how to explain what we’ve been through for two days, Santiago del Estero is beautiful, we’re delighted,” said Maria and Lorena, who arrived from Buenos Aires and explained that “we haven’t been here for many years and we found it changed, beautiful and its people with the same hospitality as always”.

The Santiago sun mitigated the cold wind, so the dealers with emotion and passion made the drums rattle on their way, as well as dancing the chacarera to warm up.

Photo Emilio Rapetti
Photo: Rapetti Emilio.

Arriving at Plaza Libertad, the Governor of the province, Gerardo Zamora, together with the mayor of the Capital City, Norma Fuentes and also the executive secretary of the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (Inprotur), Ricardo Sosajoined the march to Aguirre Park, where they accompanied the organizers and visitors on this march with their drums.

“The drum is part of our culture, it largely symbolizes the people of Santiago, how it is constituted, because it is done in Santiago, everything is from Santiago, and because it is a way of how the heart of Santiago beats,” said Zamora, when asked by Telam.

At the same time, he remarked that he was “very happy because after two years the March of the Drums returns, the reunion with the people who visit us, especially in these days of celebration in July and with it all of Santiago, our culture, joy and hospitality. “.

In addition, he highlighted the number of tourists who visit the province, since “people came from all over; there are many activities that are carried out for the celebrations of Santiago that coincide with the holidays, so welcome to all.”

Once again the hype took to the streets to express itself as part of the history of this country, from the roots of Santiago del Estero, because the legüero hype originates from this side of the country. But he was not alone, because the chacarera, the zamba and improvised footwork accompanied this popular festival.

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