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They denounce that unknown individuals tried to rob the Electoral Justice warehouse

Luis Alberto Mauro, advisor to the Electoral Justice, confirmed that two men, identified as Roberto Bentos and Héctor Hernando Heredia, presented themselves as representatives of the Authentic Radical Party (PLRA) and tried to enter the warehouse, where the 14,000 voting machines are located. that will be used in the next elections on December 18.

Consequently, the advisor indicated that the corresponding complaint was made, highlighting the rapid action of the police officers and the Armed Forces. “Absolutely no one can enter this place, much less without authorization from the Ministers of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice. These strangers took photos and then left. We are going to give notice to the Prosecutor’s Office in such a way to make it very clear what happened, ”he explained.

The alleged representatives of the PLRA were approached by officials and, later, it was discovered that they did not belong to said political party. After the incident, both men fled the scene.

Lastly, the Electoral Justice adviser stated that the corresponding expert opinion is being carried out in the warehouse, in order to determine the number of voting machines, ruling out that any have been stolen.

“There are all the voting machines that belong to the Electoral Justice to be used in the next elections,” he reiterated.

It is worth mentioning that last Thursday there was a major fire at the headquarters of the Electoral Justice and, as a result, some 7,700 voting machines were completely consumed. These teams were going to be used in the next internal elections. In addition to the destruction of the machines, an official of said institution also died.

The entrance They denounce that unknown individuals tried to rob the Electoral Justice warehouse was first published in diary TODAY.

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