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Concytec presents the 3rd edition of the I+D+I Peru Magazine that seeks to boost the country’s productivity and competitiveness

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Concytec presents the 3rd edition of the I+D+I Peru Magazine that seeks to boost the country's productivity and competitiveness

The presented the third edition of the I+D+i Peru Magazine: Let’s get to work, which aims to publicize the action plans and subsequent implementation of each of the Initiatives of in eight productive sectors of 8 Peruvian regions.

In this edition, you will be able to learn about 13 companies and organizations that are developing initiatives that aim to increase productivity and competitiveness, through innovation and good practices. These firms are part of the IVAI, and before starting this process, they had already shown progress in line with their objectives.

It should be noted that, through the articles in this publication, the 8 sectors where the IVAI process is being carried out are reviewed: Premium Spirits (Lima Provinces), Wood Products (Ucayali), Textiles and Apparel (Arequipa) , Andean Grains (Ayacucho), Tropical and Subtropical Super Fruits (Madre de Dios), Sustainable Aquaculture (Tumbes), Mining (Cajamarca) and Tourism (La Libertad and Lambayeque). In addition, the international challenges and trends that these eight value chains must face in order to become more competitive and conquer more attractive markets worldwide are disclosed.

The presentation of this edition was in charge of Pedro Bernal, director of CTI Policies and Programs of Concytec, who commented that in this edition of the Magazine “On the verge of starting a new phase of the IVAI, we seek to join efforts that allow us to recognize and learn the lessons of those who have already traveled that path, to whom the IVAI will allow them to access new knowledge and information to continue strengthening their development”.

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In the IVAI Super Tropical and Subtropical Fruits, for example, it was identified that, in order to generate a more sustained and favorable development for the sector, the business should be oriented towards a more specialized segment, which responds to the demand of a more sophisticated market, interested in in sustainable foods that are socially and environmentally transparent and with a high nutritional value.

Fishing sector.
Fishing sector.

In the case of the Premium Distillates IVAI, companies stand out that had already been working on these and other aspects before starting the IVAI development process, which has allowed them to be one step ahead. From their experience we can highlight and learn lessons potentially replicable or adaptable to other initiatives, and make visible the potential that Peru has in this sector. This is the case, for example, of 14 Inkas and Don Michael, two young firms, but with a rich track record in innovation and technology, brand development and positioning, and the use of digital channels to achieve their expansion.

IVAI aquaculture in Tumbes aims to direct the shrimp value chain towards a premium production model: integrated, circular and sustainable. For its part, IVAI wood products in Ucayali seeks to guide second-processing companies towards an integrated, socially and environmentally responsible model, and with innovative quality production.

I+D+IPeru Magazine Pamphlet
I+D+IPeru Magazine Pamphlet

In Ayacucho, IVAI Andean Grains is oriented towards responding to the challenges of the global market in order to promote and consolidate the visible advances in the sector. While the textile and clothing IVAI in Arequipa focuses on the sector’s objective of increasing the productivity and sustainability of the entire alpaca value chain.

In Lambayeque and La Libertad, IVAI natural, cultural and adventure tourism aims to capture the segment known as “explorer tourism”, that is, to improve both destinations with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. The IVAI suppliers for mining in Cajamarca has as a second step to articulate public and private actors to promote the development of a more elaborate value chain.


This is an example of the collaborative work that is being promoted between academia, industry and the State, through a public-private dialogue that has been carried out since the beginning of 2021, and which has allowed the identification of concrete actions to improve processes and develop new skills in industries that represent strategic sectors for the economic development of the country.

We invite you to read this third digital edition through the following link:


“From the Field: Women farmers facing the food crisis”
“From the Field: Women farmers facing the food crisis”

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