The controversies of Samuel García as governor of Nuevo León

The controversies of Samuel García as governor of Nuevo León

After controversy, this proposal was eliminated. This new Constitution also contemplates the right to technology, to mobility, to heritage, to public space, to public roads, to the city, to recreation, to rest, to leisure.

As well as the right to security, to a culture of peace, to educational improvement, air, clean, renewable energy, a healthy environment.

Mariana Rodriguez’s vote

Another controversial moment that adds to the first year of García Sepulveda’s government occurred recently, after Mariana Rodríguez revealed that in 2015, when her husband ran for deputy for the first time, she gave him her vote “for handsome”.

“I remember that I saw Samuel in the panoramas and when the election was, well, I was very excited, because I was going to upload my photo with my painted finger to Instagram. That was my goal, very wrong, very wrong, and my dad tells me to cross out the ballot of the local deputies.

“I remembered that handsome guy that I saw in the panoramic. And I voted for Samuel, but my mom told me when she was leaving who she had voted for and I told her. She asked me why and I told her that because he was very handsome, it was my answer and a holy scolding that they gave me, because it was not one of the reasons why we should vote, “said Mariana Rodríguez.

These statements were made on September 24 in Mexico City, where the Movimiento Ciudadano youth convention was held, an event that was named Fosfo Foro, alluding to the phrase that went viral in Samuel García’s campaign for the government of Nuevo Leon.

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