They denounce that jailers "savagely" beat the political prisoner Emiliano Zeledón

They denounce that jailers “savagely” beat the political prisoner Emiliano Zeledón

The Blue and White Monitoring denounced that the political prisoner Emiliano Zeledon Valdivia He was “savagely” beaten by officials of the Waswalí Penitentiary System, in Matagalpa, where he has been held since April 7, 2020, for the alleged crime of drug trafficking and possession of weapons.

They also point out that the opponent, originally from San José de Bocay, municipality of Jinotega, is defecating blood due to the severe attacks he suffered from the jailers.

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In addition to the attack against Zeledón, the Monitoring confirmed that the other prisoners of conscience who are being held in the prison “have received death threats.” “We demand his immediate release and respect for his physical integrity. #FreedomYA #SOSNicaragua», they demand.

Zeledón is one of the political prisoners who, together with the lawyer Manuel Urbina Lara (who was transferred to the Jorge Navarro Penitentiary System) carried out a hunger strike last month, for which they were repressed and subjected to violations of their rights.

Regarding the hunger strike repressed by Ortega’s jailers, Marlon Caldera, a member of the Blue and White Monitoring, told Article 66 that there are 12 Jinotegans who are in the Matagalpa prison system and who were part of the civic protest.

Data on social networks and by opposition organizations indicate that Emiliano Zeledón is an opposition peasant and that he was imprisoned “unjustly for being a relative of Isabel Valdivia, an opponent whom the Nicaraguan Army claims to have taken up arms.”

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They also report that Zeledón was imprisoned along with his brother Santos Pérez Valdivia, both accused of drug trafficking and possession of weapons. “They are peasants who had expressed their opposition to the regime. Emiliano (Zeledón) had had conflicts with a political secretary of the Ortega Murillo government in the area,” denounced in 2021 the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy of Jinotega.

Given the cases of opponents whose rights are violated within the different prisons in the country, Caldera said that what they do as Monitoring is to demand that there be respect for their physical integrity, “because the State of Nicaragua is the guarantor of all political prisoners.

“We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners, but obviously we know the conditions under which the regime has its opponents kidnapped,” Caldera stressed. This means of communication tried to communicate with relatives of Emiliano Zeledón, however, communication could not be established.

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